Award-Winning, Community-Oriented Attorney John A. Fairman Running for Cook County Sheriff

John A. Fairman


December 8, 2017

Award-Winning, Community-Oriented Attorney John A. Fairman Running for Cook County Sheriff

Chicago - John A. Fairman is proud to announce his candidacy for Cook County Sheriff.  The community at large is thrilled to find a worthy challenger to current Cook County Sheriff, Tom Dart.  To Fairman, running for the position is a “no-brainer.”  

“Someone has to change this system which is unfair to citizens, police officers, inmates and Cook County Jail employees,” says Fairman. “We’re not facing a wrist slap due to a few bad decisions, we’re facing a world built on the relentless bad behaviors from those who are charged with protecting others. It not only reinforces Chicago’s current reputation for social injustice, but also adds millions to Chicago’s tab of wasted taxpayer dollars.”

As a criminal defense attorney, Fairman has seen his share of human rights violations, wrongful firings, abuse and harassment of inmates, and other innumerable inequities.  Fairman spent his years as an attorney arguing for the good that is Chicago, enforcing the rights of those who have been wronged through over 1000 trial victories, ensuring financial stability to support those with worthy causes through his position as National Treasurer of the National Black Prosecutor’s Association and as a former police commissioner, overseeing those who make Chicago great. 

To many it seems the injustices of late are simply part of the daily grind at the Cook County Sheriff’s office.  To Fairman, these injustices “are part of what happens when the Sheriff does not proactively work to make the system as efficient and fair as possible; it’s what happens when a Merit Board, which is currently facing over 200 complaints, consists solely of Sheriff cronies and political appointees.  When I am Sheriff, the Merit Board will not be stacked.  I do not require ‘yes-men.’  The needs of Chicago are far more important than anyone’s political aspirations. I want to hear Chicago in order to help me understand what needs to be done and why; when problems arise, I need to know what they are and when I can stand up to say ‘I am responsible and I will change this,’” says Fairman.

Fairman’s plans going forward are ambitious.  He states, “As Sheriff, I look forward to certifying correctional officers as peace officers granting them policing authority in addition to their correctional duties. I will implement video conferencing for inmates to alleviate concerns with safety and transportation issues between the jails and courthouses. Community policing will increase around the county and will include collaborating with schools and community centers to help teach, train and motivate our children, ensuring they find successful careers rather than a permanent place in the criminal justice system.”

For more information, please contact Todd McCutcheon at (773) 505-9428;

John Fairman