Who is John Fairman? By: Alex V.

Who is John Fairman?


As I walk the halls of the courthouse, I see hundreds of people walking in and out of the building. Some with pain in their eyes, others with fear. I see attorneys walking in and out of courtrooms, pockets stuffed with money. Their clients, on the other hand, walk out with more questions than answers and a look of fear on their faces.

What did I just plead guilty to?

Should I have done this?

Not a look of remorse come from the attorneys.

“I did the best I could with what I had.”

“It’s only a year in jail.”

At times I wonder how hard these attorneys fought for their clients. At times, sad to say, I start to lose faith in the system.

Today was one of those days. That is, until I met John Fairman. As I looked outside the courtroom, I noticed a scared young man. A man who was looking at facing some serious jail time. The young man had a look as if he had seen his life flash before his eyes. He cannot afford to go to jail, but at the same time, he cannot afford to hire an attorney who can keep him out of jail – a problem seen all too often here in Cook County. Just before court was about to start, this young man was greeted by an attorney. After a brief conversation between the young man and the attorney, the young man looked much more confident and walked into the courtroom looking like a new man. His attorney took the case free of charge, and against all odds, won the case for this young man.

I stopped the attorney, introduced myself, I had to ask, “Why fight so hard for this young man? Especially for free? This is a case most attorneys would have just given up.”

He stopped me, “Thats the first problem. To you this may just be a case, but to that young man this is his life, his family, his livelihood.’’

Just before he walks away he stops and looks at me.

“If you’re not making someone else’s life better, you’re wasting your time.’’

So when you read the papers, watch the news, read the ads, or look at your ballots, you might just see a politician – just a man running for Cook County Sheriff. You may wonder:

Can I trust this guy more than any other Chicago politician?

Is this just another man full of empty promises? A man who is hungry for power?  

Well let me just stop you there and give you an answer to the question you have been wondering the whole time: Who is John Fairman?

John Fairman is a man who has devoted his life to fighting for the people. He has spent his life fighting for those who cannot fight for themselves. When I look at John Fairman, I do not see a political mastermind. No, rather, he is a man who will do what is right, not what is easy or convenient. Around election season, when the lights are shining bright, you will see all the politicians shaking hands, kissing babies and helping people.

So why am I telling you this story about a man saving a young man’s future for nothing more than a smile and a thank you? Because before the political season kicks into gear and everyone puts their game face on, you will know who the real John Fairman is and what he represents. Before you cast your ballot and vote for the new Cook County Sheriff, just remember:

It is easy to work to help others while the camera is rolling but a real man puts in work when no one is watching.


By: Alex V.

John Fairman